Peacock Pillow Tie Tutorial

Guess what?!  You can make elegant things!!  Yes. you. can.  What?  The thought intimidates you?  I totally get that.  Let’s start with something small; just a teeny tiny pillow tie. That’s not too bad, right?

Peacock feathers are all the rage lately and my parents were gracious enough to give me the feathers from their peacocks.   (I didn’t even know they have peacocks; It’s time to go home!)

To make this pillow tie you will need the following materials:

1.  1- 3″ Pouting Princess Flower
2.  4- Jessica Flowers made to 2″ (approximately)
3.  3 Peacock Feathers (you might want to have a few extras just in case they break while you are learning to curl them) Peacock feathers can be purchased by doing a search on line. I know Etsy has some listings.
4.  Bling (the bling in this tutorial measures 1.5″ but smaller works just fine)
5.  2 yards of coordinating or matching ribbon (you will likely only need 1.5 yards but it is better to be safe than sorry, right?)
6.  a piece of coordinating or matching felt or fleece to cover the back.  Mine measured 4″ by 7″.

Supplies you will need are:

1.  All purpose hot glue
2.  Glue gun
3.  Sharp scissors
4.  Butter knife
5.  Matches, lighter or wood burning tool

Begin by prepping your peacock feathers.  Treat the long/ stray feathers that are around the eye like curling ribbon.  Working in small sections, use your butter knife and pull outward.  (Note: this part might take a little practice.  Do not pull very hard as the stray feathers will break off.)

Continue all the way around your feather:

(Beautiful, right?) Repeat with the other 2 feathers.

Mark your ribbon in the center. (You can mark it with a pen or simply fold it in half and crease it a few times with your finger and thumb nail.)

Arrange your pieces.  Start by laying your ribbon down and then working from the center marking on your ribbon.  Begin first with your feathers:

Then add your other elements:

Make certain that you like your results and then glue your pieces down.  (Note: Make sure to not glue your ribbon to the felt/ fleece where there are no flowers.)

Place your hand under the Pouting Princess flower and note the space between this flower and your Jessica flowers.  Glue near the base of the Jessica flowers to secure them to the Pouting Princess Flower:

When the glue is cool, turn your piece over and carefully cut away the felt/ fleece:

Tie your piece to your pillow and cut the end of your ribbons to a good length.

Heat seal the end by running the raw edge near a match or lighter or directly touching the raw edge with a wood burning tool.

Let’s see the results:

See, it’s not too intimidating. Did you know that you can show off your creations on Fancy Schmancy’s FB page? Can’t wait to see what you’ve made!

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NEW “Glory” Flower Release

So thrilled to announce my brand new “Glory” flower tutorial!

Glory might be my new favorite.  She is possibly the most elegant sunflower that I have ever laid eyes on!   🙂  Want to know who she was named for?  Technically a horse.  To quote my new tutorial:

‘Glory’ was named for my charming sister, Krystal.

I am the oldest of 10 children, 8 of which are boys. I remember praying so hard that I would get a sister, but kept being blessed (or cursed) with brothers. I remember crying when I found out that I was going to get a sister.

The only problem was the 16 year difference in age, so I left home and Krystal was raised without me there. Now it’s Krystal’s turn to leave home. My charming, bubbly, dimpled sister, who was always out with the animals (and more specifically, her beloved horse “Glory”)

is old enough to go to college and I am again reminded of how grateful that I am to have been blessed with her! I would have liked her to come to our family earlier, but who am I to wish for a different plan than the one that was supplied by a loving Heavenly Father?

Since Krystal is more likely to be found up a tree than painting her nails, she has found my designs a bit ‘fancy’ for her. This one’s for you Krystal!”

BTW, the beautiful photos of Krystal were taken by the amazing Jessica Payne!  If you are ever in the Fort Worth or Houston area (she travels back and forth) let me know so I can get you Jessica’s contact info!!  

You can create your own “Glory” flower as well.  I think Glory is one of my simplest designs and I am loving her!!!

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Eva Tutorial Release

She took much longer than I anticipated but I think she was worth the wait!!

Eva is versatile because she can be made with a rounded bottom and stem or a flat back (great for headbands and such. :))

I had so much fun creating Eva!!

I hope you enjoy her too!!

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Watermelon… In action!

I got these pics from Lyndi Benson of Sugar Rush Photography and am in. love.!!!  Remember this post?  Well, my photography skilz obviously leave something to be desired because this is what the brilliant Lyndi has captured:

Special thanks and wishes for an eternity of happiness go to the happy couple as well!!  May you enjoy every second of it Greg & Karista Payne!! What a joyful day this was!!



ps.  If you live in Northern Utah you will want to get Lyndi’s contact info!  Trust me on this one: she is AMAZING!  Contact me for it….

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Etsy Code!

What? You’ve procrastinated buying a Fancy Schmancy tutorial? Well….. here’s an incentive! an Etsy coupon code for 15% off any 1 item in my Etsy store: “FANCYJUNE2011”. Hurry! This expires in 3 days!!

You can learn to make some of these beauties:

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Russian Netting Tutorial

How do you do that?! I’ve been asked a few times & so this is a response for anyone who wants to know but particularly my new friend Geri.

Attaching netting to accessories is easier than it looks…..

What you’ll need…

A Glue Gun
Hot Glue (All Purpose)

Your basic piece (I am using a Krissy flower)
Netting (I am using Russian netting cut 7″ X 3″ but you can create it larger or smaller)
A Piece of Felt/ Fleece to cover the back side
A thick scrap piece of fleece (to save your fingers :))

Begin by deciding where you would like your netting to begin. Turn your flower face down and where you would like your netting to begin put a good amount of hot glue:

Gather and pinch one thin end of your netting in your fingers and place on top of the glue. Press with the scrap piece of fleece:

Remove the fleece before the glue cools.

Working in small sections, glue and gather your netting.

Use the scrap piece of fleece to press down:

Continue until you reach the end. Gather and Pinch the final end and glue down. (Make certain to use your scrap piece of fleece to avoid burns.)

The back will likely not be very pretty so cover it up by gluing a piece of felt/ fleece to cover up the glue mess:

Add some feathers (don’t you just love the spots?!) and some bling and VOILA:

Hope your creation makes your heart sing!! Lovely nettings seem to add a few notes to the music in my heart.

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She’s Coming……

The pattern for my new “Eva” flower will be here soon…

but be patient. I’m moving! There’s some great things about moving, including my own Fancy Schmancy Studio but time-wise I’m a bit strapped!

This is the Eva Flower named after my lovely Great Grandma, whom I am told once made a vase out of chicken wire and melted crayons… and it was supposedly lovely.

I created these headbands for a set of twins but since they are adjustable I couldn’t help but let my own girls model them! This next model is super uncooperative but spunky & full of joy:

Loving this NO SEW pattern!! You’ll love her too!

What a way to melt a momma’s heart!

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