NEW Craftsy Workshop!

So glad to announce that I am the newest Craftsy workshop instructor!!! This workshop is basically my Pouting Princess flower on steroids! It not only shows how to create a headband but ornaments as well:

I’ve had several people ask so I’m going to explain the “workshop” concept a bit. Basically it is a class that is ongoing. You can log in ANYtime and it should be available on Craftsy for a long time to come, if not indefinitely. Also, you get to ask me questions which I will personally respond to!

Here’s a great deal for you: normal workshop price is $15.99 or use this link for a bargain $9.99!! I have already had so much fun with the other students in my workshop! I hope to see you there!

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8 Responses to NEW Craftsy Workshop!

  1. Karen says:

    Hi Jeni, I have another question. Can I view the workshop more than one time? and how many minutes long is it?

    • Hi Karen! You can view the workshop anytime! The link is just a one time link that you will want to register for the first time you click it, but once you are registered you can return anytime! It is not a video so the length depends on how fast you read through it. You will recognize the techniques from the Pouting Princess tutorial you already have but there are additional tips/ tricks and how to make the ornament. I’m so excited you will be joining me!!!

  2. Julia says:

    Hey Jeni! I just purchased 3 tutorials from your Etsy shop. Would I need to purchase this additional workshop to learn more?

    • Hi Julia! Thanks so much for your question!! My Craftsy workshop is basically my Pouting Princess flower. It does give a few extra tips and shows you how to make your flower in to an actual ornament. Also, In a few weeks it will additionally offer a shorter version of my Jessica Flower. You also get interaction with me and other students in the workshop. If you would rather do my Craftsy workshop I will refund $6.75 or replace it with a different pattern. Thanks so much for your interest Julia!!

  3. I would love to do the craftsy workshop!

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