A Glorious Bouquet TUTORIAL!

A bouquet that lasts long after you say “I do”?

A bouquet that is a reminder of something created with planning, effort, anticipation and love?

It took almost 500 pictures that were whittled down to 40 (I had to pick the best of the best!) This no sew tutorial took months of planning, prepping, designing, dreaming and creating. I finally created a bouquet pattern that I feel confident most anyone can duplicate! The “Glorious Bouquet” uses some great techniques and incorporates my “Glory Flower” (updated version) and “Pouting Princess” patterns.

I created the “Glorious Bouquet” with my lovely aunt Karen in mind. Here’s an excerpt from the tutorial:

“As a child, I remember seeing my charming Aunt Karen’s bouquet; it was made of silk flowers and was carefully kept under a large glass lid.  After 33 years of marriage you can still see Karen’s bouquet proudly displayed in her home.  Karen’s unfailing commitment to her marriage and family have been an inspiration to all who are blessed to be in her cheerful presence.  To me, Karen’s bouquet signifies something that endures good times, hard times, sorrow and joy.

Your wedding day is sacred because it is the creation of a family.  It is my hope that throughout the years your bouquet will be a frequent reminder of something that is constant and good, a reminder of love, commitment, and endurance.

May creating this bouquet bring you great joy and may you have an eternity of happiness in each others arms!


I hope your “Glorious Bouquet” is the perfect to element to the perfect day. May you be blessed with an eternity of happiness!!

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