NEW “Glory” Flower Release

So thrilled to announce my brand new “Glory” flower tutorial!

Glory might be my new favorite.  She is possibly the most elegant sunflower that I have ever laid eyes on!   🙂  Want to know who she was named for?  Technically a horse.  To quote my new tutorial:

‘Glory’ was named for my charming sister, Krystal.

I am the oldest of 10 children, 8 of which are boys. I remember praying so hard that I would get a sister, but kept being blessed (or cursed) with brothers. I remember crying when I found out that I was going to get a sister.

The only problem was the 16 year difference in age, so I left home and Krystal was raised without me there. Now it’s Krystal’s turn to leave home. My charming, bubbly, dimpled sister, who was always out with the animals (and more specifically, her beloved horse “Glory”)

is old enough to go to college and I am again reminded of how grateful that I am to have been blessed with her! I would have liked her to come to our family earlier, but who am I to wish for a different plan than the one that was supplied by a loving Heavenly Father?

Since Krystal is more likely to be found up a tree than painting her nails, she has found my designs a bit ‘fancy’ for her. This one’s for you Krystal!”

BTW, the beautiful photos of Krystal were taken by the amazing Jessica Payne!  If you are ever in the Fort Worth or Houston area (she travels back and forth) let me know so I can get you Jessica’s contact info!!  

You can create your own “Glory” flower as well.  I think Glory is one of my simplest designs and I am loving her!!!

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