Russian Netting Tutorial

How do you do that?! I’ve been asked a few times & so this is a response for anyone who wants to know but particularly my new friend Geri.

Attaching netting to accessories is easier than it looks…..

What you’ll need…

A Glue Gun
Hot Glue (All Purpose)

Your basic piece (I am using a Krissy flower)
Netting (I am using Russian netting cut 7″ X 3″ but you can create it larger or smaller)
A Piece of Felt/ Fleece to cover the back side
A thick scrap piece of fleece (to save your fingers :))

Begin by deciding where you would like your netting to begin. Turn your flower face down and where you would like your netting to begin put a good amount of hot glue:

Gather and pinch one thin end of your netting in your fingers and place on top of the glue. Press with the scrap piece of fleece:

Remove the fleece before the glue cools.

Working in small sections, glue and gather your netting.

Use the scrap piece of fleece to press down:

Continue until you reach the end. Gather and Pinch the final end and glue down. (Make certain to use your scrap piece of fleece to avoid burns.)

The back will likely not be very pretty so cover it up by gluing a piece of felt/ fleece to cover up the glue mess:

Add some feathers (don’t you just love the spots?!) and some bling and VOILA:

Hope your creation makes your heart sing!! Lovely nettings seem to add a few notes to the music in my heart.

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9 Responses to Russian Netting Tutorial

  1. LOVE IT! I never thought to actually GATHER the netting like that before. i have been laying mine flat, but I think I will try gathering it next time and see how it turns out!

    Oh, and that Spare Fleece piece to protect your finger! GENIUS!! Holy COW! My Fingers THANK YOU! I’ve been getting burned up to this point, but no longer. 🙂

  2. Geri says:

    This is awesome =) You’re the best!!!!

  3. GamiCarole says:

    Thanks so much. I have been adding the veiling, but was never sure if I was doing it right.

  4. julie fields says:

    i was looking for the tutorial for padded ruffle bow that was suppose to be with the russian netting tutorial how can i find this?? thanks so much julie fields

  5. Love 🙂 So use this technique for lace and other trims? What do you do to prevent pieces from being so heavy? I am having a hard time with it 😦

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