She’s Coming……

The pattern for my new “Eva” flower will be here soon…

but be patient. I’m moving! There’s some great things about moving, including my own Fancy Schmancy Studio but time-wise I’m a bit strapped!

This is the Eva Flower named after my lovely Great Grandma, whom I am told once made a vase out of chicken wire and melted crayons… and it was supposedly lovely.

I created these headbands for a set of twins but since they are adjustable I couldn’t help but let my own girls model them! This next model is super uncooperative but spunky & full of joy:

Loving this NO SEW pattern!! You’ll love her too!

What a way to melt a momma’s heart!

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2 Responses to She’s Coming……

  1. Amy says:

    Can’t wait for the tutorial! Your girls are just darling! : )

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