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Watermelon… In action!

I got these pics from Lyndi Benson of Sugar Rush Photography and am in. love.!!! ¬†Remember this post? ¬†Well, my photography skilz obviously leave something to be desired because this is what the brilliant Lyndi has captured: Special thanks and … Continue reading

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Etsy Code!

What? You’ve procrastinated buying a Fancy Schmancy tutorial? Well….. here’s an incentive! an Etsy coupon code for 15% off any 1 item in my Etsy store: “FANCYJUNE2011”. Hurry! This expires in 3 days!! You can learn to make some of … Continue reading

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Russian Netting Tutorial

How do you do that?! I’ve been asked a few times & so this is a response for anyone who wants to know but particularly my new friend Geri. Attaching netting to accessories is easier than it looks….. What you’ll … Continue reading

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She’s Coming……

The pattern for my new “Eva” flower will be here soon… but be patient. I’m moving! There’s some great things about moving, including my own Fancy Schmancy Studio but time-wise I’m a bit strapped! This is the Eva Flower named … Continue reading

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