Fancy Schmancy GIVEAWAY!! Over $100 Value!!!

Gonna start this blog out in true fashion with a FANTASTIC/ HUGE giveaway!!  There are 5 ways to enter (just keep reading :))  What will the lucky winner… win?  hmmm….

3 Curly Ostrich Clips; You Pick The Colors (subject to current inventory):

Portrait provided by TM Custom Portraits Colors Include White, Cream, Baby Pink, Candy Pink, Fuchsia, Red, Black, Brown, Lime, Yellow, Turquoise & Aqua

Next is 2 Sets of Double Whirly Swirly Flowers; You Pick the Colors (subject to current inventory)…..

Whirly Swirly Flowers come in White, Cream, Baby Pink, Fuchsia, Black, Brown, Lavender, Purple, Deep Purple, Gray, Navy & Sage Green

PLUS a “Pouting Princess” for infants to adults (Sorry, but for safety measures, no gem centers for items sized for children under 3- no exceptions); You Pick The Color (subject to current inventory)…

PLUS a “Bella Statement Bracelet” In Black or Brown:

& FINALLY, Fancy Schmancy’s Pattern 3 Pack (PDF format).  You can learn to create your own “Pouting Princess” & “Jessica Flowers” PLUS a wrapped headband:








TOTAL VALUE $101.95 Plus FREE Shipping in the US!

So, you want to enter?  You know you do, right….?  🙂  Here’s how you can get up to 5 entries:

1.  Leave a comment with your name (easy peasy!)

2.  Follow this blog & Leave a comment stating that you do,

3.  “Like” Fancy Schmancy’s Facebook Page & Leave a comment on this blog!/pages/Brigham-City-UT/Fancy-Schmancy/123842597631540

4-5.  “Like” Kottage Kupboards FB Page (I’m a vendor there in May:)) & leave a comment on their page that says “Fancy Schmancy sent me!”  THEN leave 2 comments on my blog stating you completed this task.  (This was a lot of steps and totally worth the extra entry!  🙂

Giveaway ends April 30th.  Best of luck to you all!!  I look forward to having you visit my blog often!

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  1. Sarah Tudor says:

    I love your stuff! I hope I win!!!

    I also like you on Facebook!

    I follow you on your blog as well now!!

    I liked kottage Kupboard & left a message saying you sent me. 🙂

  2. Love your beautiful bows and things. I liked you on FB. I follow your blog. I also liked you on Kupboard and left a message that you sent me.

  3. Lauri Hickman says:

    I love your stuff!

    I am now following your blog and I also liked you on facebook!

  4. Lauri Hickman says:

    I also liked Kottage-Kupboard and left a message! Love your stuff and hope I win – have a baby girl that could really use the bling! =)

  5. T Dilley says:

    Jeni, I love your hair accessories! I get so many comments when I wear the headband. I am so excited to tell them that my talented friend, Jeni made it. Congrats on the blog!

  6. Rebecca Hoffman

  7. Renee says:

    Love Everything ❤ Would Love, Love to Win !!
    Thanks For the Giveaway,
    Renee S.

  8. Renee says:

    Follow this blog by emails! 🙂

  9. Renee says:

    “Like” Fancy Schmancy’s Facebook Page
    (Renee S. : FB name)

  10. Renee says:

    “Like” Kottage Kupboards FB Page and Commented that you sent me ❤

  11. Renee says:

    “Like” Kottage Kupboards FB Page and commented that you sent me ❤

  12. Marnie Bushman says:

    LOVE YOU>> And your product…

  13. Amy Fogleman says:

    Ooooh I hope I win! 🙂 I love your beautiful, wonderful creations! I follow your blog and “like” Fancy Schmany on Facebook. I also liked Kottage Kupboards on facebook and let them know you sent me! What wonderful advertisement. I hope you get a ton of business. 🙂

  14. Lori Allen says:

    I love, love, love your stuff!! I follow your blog and “liked” ya on FB!! Great way of advertisement!! I’ll spread the word for ya too! Also “liked” on Kottage Kupboards on FB!!

  15. Erin says:

    I’m a follower! Baaaa!

    Erin Jewkes

  16. Erin says:

    I love the bracelet! I hope I win that one!

    Erin Jewkes

  17. “Like” in Facebook!
    I love your stuff! It’s so sassy and clever!

  18. Maria T. says:

    This is Maria 🙂

  19. Maria T. says:

    I’m looking for the “Follow” link on the site but can’t seem to find it. I am following you on my blog, though — I added you to my live Fellow Bloggers feed. Does that count? 🙂

    • Jeni Brockbank says:

      Maria- That counts! Sorry for the confusion! I just added a way to follow via email but your reader works even better! Thanks!!

  20. Maria T. says:

    I “like” you on FB. (Wish there was a “love” button 🙂 )

  21. Maria T. says:

    I “like”-ed Kottage Kupboards FB Page

  22. Maria T. says:

    Oh, and I posted on Kottage Kupboards FB Page that “Fancy Schmancy sent me!” 🙂

    I hope I win!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 ❤

  23. Joyce Diaz says:

    Entry #2 done! I’m your newest follower! 😀

    Baby’s Breath Handmade

  24. Joyce Diaz says:

    Entry #3 done! Following you on Facebook now! 😀

  25. Joyce Diaz says:

    Entry #4 complete! Liked Kottage Kupboards!! 🙂

    Baby’s Breath Handmade

  26. Joyce Diaz says:

    Entry #4 complete! Liked Kottage Kupboards and let them know you sent me!!

    Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!! Looking forward to your future patterns!!

    Baby’s Breath Handmade

  27. Elizabeth Hermann says:

    Elizabeth Hermann!

  28. Wanda Contreras says:

    Love your creations!!!
    best regards,

  29. Wanda Contreras says:

    I’m a follower of your blog!!!
    best regards,

  30. Wanda Contreras says:

    I LIKE you on Facebook!!!
    best regards,

  31. Wanda Contreras says:

    I also like Kottage Kupboards on FB!!!
    best regards,

  32. Hi! I just discovered you on Artistic Inclinations and thought I’d stop by to check out your tutorials and giveaway. Lovely to all!

    Tina “The Book Lady”

  33. “Liked” Fancy Schmancy’s Facebook Page & left a comment on her page too.

  34. “Like” Kottage Kupboards FB Page & left a message there –

  35. #2 “Like” Kottage Kupboards FB Page & left a message there –

  36. WooooHooooo!! Love your beautiful designs!!!

  37. I have also “LIKED” your FB page!! Beautiful!!!!!!

  38. Danielle says:

    Danielle Robbins

  39. Danielle says:

    Like you on Facebook

  40. Briana Cervenka says:

    Briana Cervenka

  41. Briana Cervenka says:

    I’m now a follower on this blog

  42. Briana Cervenka says:

    I now “Like” Fancy Schmancy’s Facebook Page

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    I now “Like” Kottage Kupboards FB Page

  44. Briana Cervenka says:

    I left a post on Kottage Kupboards FB Page saying “Fancy Schmancy sent me!”

  45. Lynne Dickens says:

    Love this blog and your items!

  46. hazhench says:

    name: hazel dela victoria


  47. hazhench says:

    following 🙂


  48. hazhench says:

    Like” Fancy Schmancy’s Facebook Page 🙂


  49. hazhench says:

    Liked ” Kottage Kupboards FB Page and I leave a comment on their page that says “Fancy Schmancy sent me!”


  50. hazhench says:

    I completed all the task 🙂


  51. Melissa Heslop says:

    Love this! And of course you know I love your site! See you at Joanns.

  52. Melissa Heslop says:

    I am now your humble follower on FB

  53. Melissa Heslop says:

    And Kottage Kupboards has me on their list as well!

  54. Kim B says:

    ummmm…YES PLEASE! 🙂 Awesome giveaway!

  55. Kayla says:

    This is such a great giveaway

  56. nicole says:

    LOVE the black flower bracelet!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. nicole says:

    follow you on fb under nicole h/blesstheirheartsmom

  58. nicole says:

    posted on KK’s fb page

  59. nicole says:

    follow KK on fb under nicole h/blesstheirheartsmom

  60. nicole says:

    new follower on gfc!

  61. Jennifer says:

    Just found your blog… and I adore the things in your shop! Would love to see me and my baby girl wearing your giveaways!

  62. Jennifer says:

    I am a follower now…. Yeah!

  63. Jennifer says:

    I just visited fb “I love the stuff on this site!”

  64. Jennifer says:

    I “like” the Kottage Kupboard fb page

  65. Jennifer says:

    I left a comment on Kottage Kupboard “Fancy Schmancy sent me!”

  66. Erin G. says:

    I’m Erin … hope that Enters Me 😉

  67. Erin G. says:

    I follow you on FB under Erin Chd Survivor

  68. Erin G. says:

    I follow Kottage Kupboard on FB #1 under Erin Chd Survivor

  69. Erin G. says:

    I follow Kottage Kupboard on FB #2 under Erin Chd Survivor

  70. Jessica Hennings says:

    I love your stuff

  71. Kat F. says:

    This giveaway is not only Fancy Schmancy but also AWESOME!
    Kat F.
    fastkat at gmail dot com

  72. Sara says:

    I follow you on facebook. I would love to win this giveaway!

  73. Sara says:

    I liked Kottage Kupboard and left a note saying you sent me.

  74. Becca says:

    That’s totally the cutest pic of a baby I’ve ever seen. Awesome blog, awesome giveaway.

  75. Rosalie S says:

    Rosalie S

    Love your stuff! It’s beautiful!!

  76. Rosalie S says:

    I am now following you on Facebook!

  77. Shaylaf says:

    Name – Shaylaf Randsen

  78. Sophie says:

    Name: Sophie Chen

    And wow, those Whirly Swirly Flowers are pretty!

  79. Joni Marion says:

    ~Joni Marion~

  80. Joni Marion says:

    I like you on FB 🙂

  81. Joni Marion says:

    I liked Kottage Kupboards!

  82. Joni Marion says:

    ..and I posted on Kottage Kupboard’s wall! 🙂

  83. Samantha H. says:

    Oh I love giveaways! How exciting!
    Samantha Hardcastle

  84. Samantha H. says:

    I “liked” you on facebook.

  85. Samantha H. says:

    I want to follow your blog but can’t seem to find the button. Any help is appreciated!

    • Hi Samantha! So sorry, this is a new blog & I just assumed it would be easy to follow it, but apparantly it’s not.

      Under my Facebook link on the right hand side of the page I just added a way to subscribe via email. Sorry for the inconvenience & I truly appreciate you being here!!

  86. Lindsey Vest says:

    Lindsey Vest!!!! Needs to WIN!

  87. Lindsey Vest says:

    Lindsey Vest FOLLOWS your BLOG!!!

  88. Lindsey Vest says:

    Lindsey Vest already “Likes” you on Facebook! I already am starting on that tutorial you sent me! LOVE it!

    • Jeni Brockbank says:

      Can’t wait to see what you design!! I would love it if you post a pic of it on my FB page? If you’re selling it feel free to post a link as well!!

  89. Lindsey Vest says:

    I “LIKE”d and gave Kottage Kupboards some LOVIN on FACEBOOK! Lindsey Vest is dedicated!

  90. Lindsey Vest says:

    Lots of LOVE and LIKEing for Kottage Kupboards on FACEBOOK! Lindsey Vest is dedicated!

  91. Samantha H. says:

    Extra entry #1 for “liking” Kottage Kupboards FB Page and leaving a comment!

  92. Samantha H. says:

    Extra entry #2 for “liking” Kottage Kupboards FB Page and leaving a comment! This is so much fun.

  93. Thanks for the giveaway!
    ~Darchelle Whitehead

  94. Shanna Uptergrove says:

    HI! My name is Shanna! Hope you’re having a fabulous night! 🙂

  95. Shanna Uptergrove says:

    I am already a fan of Fancy Schmancy on Facebook! The items are TDF!

  96. Shanna Uptergrove says:

    I am now a subscriber to the blog! So looking forward to getting the newsletters and blog posts!!

  97. Valerie Lujan says:

    Valerie Lujan

  98. Valerie Lujan says:

    following blog

  99. Shanna Uptergrove says:

    Became a fan on FB of Kottage Kupboards! Entry #1

  100. I liked your FB page!

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    Entry #2 for becoming a fan of Kottage Kupboards on FB!

  102. Valerie Lujan says:

    Already a fan…

  103. I liked Kottage Kupboards FB page!

  104. Elise says:

    I love your beautiful work as always jeni! So talented!

  105. Valerie Lujan says:

    Kottage Kupboards fan…entry #1

  106. Valerie Lujan says:

    Kottage Kupboards fan…entry #2

  107. Summer Fuller says:

    I have liked fancy on fb for awhile!

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  112. Stacey Clyde says:

    I love your stuff. Marnie introduced my to your fb page and I enjoy checking things out.

  113. GracieB says:

    Love your Fancy Schmancy items!
    I “Like” you on facebook.
    I am now a follower of your blog.
    I’m a fan all the way around! 🙂

  114. atlanta djs says:

    Is it okay to place part of this on my personal blog if I publish a reference point to this web-site?

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